Friday, 31 October 2014

Symposium Sessions - Friday, 31 October 2014

The following Symposia sessions will take place on Friday 31 October 2014.

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Title of symposium




Friday, 31 October 2014 - 08:00 - 10:00

19. The Union/CDC Late breaker session Tuberculosis Richard Hahner (USA),                   CN Paramasivan (India),                 Sarita Shah (USA) 112
20. Community-driven psychosocial support: don't forget medication counselling! TB/ Nurses and Allied Professionals Niranjan Konduri (USA),
Antonia Kwiecien (USA)
21. Practical considerations for successful contact tracing and linkage to care in low- and middle-income countries Tuberculosis E Jane Carter (USA),
Anna Mandalakas (USA)
22. Countries' experience in decentralising PMDT: community-based MDR-/XDR-TB care Tuberculosis Agnes Gebhard (Netherlands),
Alexander Golubkov (USA)
23. QMS implementation and accreditation of TB laboratories TB/Bacteriology and Immunology Stella van Beers (Netherlands), Heidemarie Albert (South Africa) 114
24. Mathematical approaches to better understand and tackle tuberculosis Tuberculosis Cris Vilaplana (Spain),
Pere-Joan Cardona (Spain)
25. Tobacco control, trade and international treaties Tobacco Pranay Lal (India) 116
26. Know your epidemic: fundamental to solutions for child TB Adult and Child Lung Health Stephen M Graham (Australia) 118/119
27. What practical steps are needed to achieve a patient-centered continuum of care in TB control? Civil Society Virginia Williams (Switzerland),
Sara Massaut (Netherlands)

Friday, 31 October 2014 - 14:30- 16:30

28. Adolescent TB, TB-HIV and MDR-TB: addressing a vulnerable population with unique needs using innovative Adult and Child Lung Health Lisa Nelson (Switzerland) 112
29. Management of latent tuberculosis infection: from evidence to policy Tuberculosis Alberto Matteelli (Italy),
Andreas Sandgren (Sweden)
30. TB in Europe: MDR-/XDR-TB control and challenges of high risk groups Tuberculosis Dominik Zenner (UK),
Andrei Dadu (Moldova)
31. Implementing "FAST": a re-focused approach to institutional TB transmission control Tuberculosis Edward Nardell (USA) 113
32. Changing the status quo in TB drug and regimen R&D Tuberculosis Grania Brigden (France) 114
33. TB patients: learning from the experience of those personally affected Civil Society Victoria Garland (USA),
Jenniffer Dietrich (Switzerland)
34. Supervision or support? A debate panel on challenges around DOT and patient-centered care TB/ Nurses and Allied Professionals Tiemi Arakawa (Brazil) 116
35. Biosafety for TB laboratories: involving local professional associations in practical sustainable approaches TB/Bacteriology and Immunology Maureen Ellis (Canada) 118/119
36. Tobacco, poverty and possible solutions: health promotion funding models Tobacco Kayleigh Bleymann (UK),
Jonathan Romo (Mexico)