Daily Programme

Thursday, 30 October 2014



The following Symposia sessions will take place on Thursday, 30 October 2014.

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Title of symposium




Thursday, 30 October 2014 - 08:00 - 10:00
01. Progress in clinical trials for drug-sensitive TB: 2014 TB/Bacteriology and Immunology Andrew Vernon (USA), 
Gavin Churchyard (South Africa)
02. Preparing frontline health workers for community-led change TB/ Nurses and Allied Professionals Netty Kamp (Netherlands) 117
03. How multi-sectoral approach and community engagement may strengthen programmatic management of TB in prisons Tuberculosis Fuad Mirzayev (Switzerland), 
Rafael Mekhdiyev (Azerbaijan)
04. Tuberculosis and diabetes: from evidence to action Tuberculosis Kerri Viney (Australia), 
Richard Brostrom (USA)
05. Next generation of eHealth for TB: systems that communicate Tuberculosis Job Van Rest (Netherlands), 
Dennis Falzon (Switzerland)
06. Empirical treatment for TB among HIV-positive people: who, when, how? Update on trials in progress HIV Alison Grant (UK), 
Salome Charalambous (South Africa)
07. Community engagement and relief of suffering in palliative care Civil Society Stephen Connor (USA) 116
08. Child pneumonia: innovative solutions for the next generation Adult and Child Lung Health Steve M Graham (Australia), 
Amy Ginsburg (USA)
09. Integrating community-based tobacco control activities in TB programmes: experience from multiple countries Tobacco Xiaolin Wei (Hong Kong) 120/121

Thursday, 30 October 2014 - 14:30 - 16:30

10. Shortened treatment regimens for MDR-TB: results from the field and future direction Tuberculosis I. D. Rusen (Canada), 
Tara Ornstein (USA)
11. Can we reach the post-2015 WHO global TB targets? Tuberculosis Richard White (UK), 
Anna Vassall (Netherlands)
12. Exploring the intersection between TB and maternal and neonatal health:  from research to implementation Tuberculosis Stacie C Stender (South Africa) 111
13. Innovations in airborne infection control Tuberculosis Amie Shao (USA), 
Edward Nardell (USA)
14. Outstanding issues in HIV/AIDS HIV Anand Date (USA), 
Marina Tadolini (Italy)
15. Systematic screening for active TB: from guideline to implementation Tuberculosis Knut Lonnroth (Switzerland) 115
16. Community as partner: creating successful collaborations in TB control Civil Society D'Arcy Richardson (USA), 
Hara Mihalea (Thailand)
17. Community-based approaches to address lung health Adult and Child Lung Health Anne Detjen (USA), 
Asma El Sony (Sudan)
18. Non-tuberculous mycobacterial infections: diagnosis and management TB/Bacteriology and Immunology Kauser Jabeen (Pakistan)


Abstract Sessions


Session Section(s) Chair
Thursday, 30 October 2014 - (10:15-11:15)    
1. Tobacco control laws: may the force be with us!  Tobacco Control  Omara Dogar (UK)


Sessions Sections
Thursday, 30 October 2014, 12:45-14:15  
01. Paediatric and adolescent TB: epidemiology, outcomes and MDR ACLH Jacquie Firth (USA), Anneke Hesseling (South Africa)
02. Screening / testing / diagnostics in TB-HIV HIV Wim Vandevelde (South Africa), Sarabjit Chadha (India)
03. m-Health: expanding the frontiers of TB control TB Aamir Khan (Pakistan), Joel Mayowa (South Africa)

04. TB in health care workers


Carrie Tudor (South Africa), Dalene Von Delft (South Africa)

05. Tuberculosis epidemiology: predicting the future


Timothy Rodwell (USA), Timothy Walker (UK)

06. Developing new regimen for MDR-TB treatment


Christoph Lange (Germany), Andrew Nunn (USA)

07. Clearing the smoke: the synergistic role of the FCTC and MPOWER TC Sandy Mullin (USA), Samira Asma (USA)
08. Evaluation of diagnostics, drugs and vaccines BAC Anne Detjen (USA), Gavin Churchyard (South Africa)
09. TB and diabetes: the new deadly duo TB Derek Sloan (UK), Ajay Kumar (India)
10. All hands on deck: communication engagement and TB programmes CS Laia Ruiz Mongote (Spain), Nisha Ahamed (USA)


Sessions Section(s) Chair(s)
Thursday, 30 October 2014, 10:15-11:15    
01. TB in children: latent TB and IPT ACLH Anneke Hesseling (South Africa)
02. Lung cancer, occupational exposure and air pollution ACLH Guy Marks (Australia)
03. TB in children: diagnosis ACLH Mark Nicol (South Africa)
04. Xpert MTB/RIF: diagnosis of pulmonary and extrapulmonary TB BACT Stacie Stender (South Africa)
05. Gene polymorphisms and immunology BACT Thomas Shinnick (USA)
06. Immune responses in TB BACT Rumina Hasan (Pakistan)
07. Molecular detection of TB and drug resistance - I BACT Daniela M Cirillo (Italy)
08. Opening the door to community engagement in TB CS Chibuike Amaechi (Nigeria)
09. HIV/TB programme links: hand in hand screening for TB and HIV HIV Keren Middelkoop (South Africa)
10. Community commitments to improving TB treatment adherence NAPS Helen Wallstedt (Sweden)
11. Retrospective TB data analysis: case identification, treatment and control NAPS Christopher Zishiri (Zimbabwe)
12. TB and diabetes: the rising burden TB Asa Tapley (South)
13. TB public private mix: India TB Patrick Moonan (USA)
14. Diagnostic evaluation of TB: what does and doesn't work TB Francesca Conradie (South Africa)
15. Molecular epidemiology: from Beijing to Brazil and points in between TB Adrian Muwonge (UK)
16. TB public private mix in countries other than India TB Gerry Davies (UK)
17. TB infection control TB Paul Jensen (USA)
18. MDT-TB: management TB Veronica White (UK)
19. Epidemiology: tuberculosis management and control TB Adrian Gardner (USA)
20. MDR-TB: treatment and adverse reactions TB Manfred Danilovits (Estonia)
21. TB in vulnerable populations TB Robert Makombe (Malawi)
22. Tobacco use in women and children: a worrying trend TC Amina Khan (UK)

Plenary Sessions

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Richard Riley Plenary Session

Time: 11:30 - 12:30  Room: Auditorium

"WHO’s new End TB Strategy 2016-2035"

Chair: Edward Nardell (USA)

Speaker: Mukund Uplekar, Senior Officer, Policy, Strategy and Innovations Unit, The Global TB Programme,  World Health Organization (WHO), Switzerland

"New models of lung health and diabetes care for the poor accessing private providers in Asia"

Chair: Laia Ruiz Mingote (Spain)

Speaker: Aamir Khan


  Mukund Uplekar (Switzerland)

Dr Mukund Uplekar is a senior medical officer in the Policy, Strategy and Innovations unit of the Global TB Programme at the World Health Organization in Geneva. He began his career in private medical practice in Mumbai, India, but, after a year at the Harvard School of Public Health, he switched to international public health.  His exposure to both the private sector and public health research in India attracted him to WHO, which he joined in 1999 to help develop and expand work in the area now recognised as public-private mix (PPM). Since its inception, he has led the WHO-based secretariat of the global Subgroup on PPM for TB care and control.

Dr Uplekar also coordinated the development and drafting of WHO’s Expanded DOTS Strategy in 2002 and the Stop TB Strategy in 2006. He also led the team that put together over a period of two years, WHO’s new post-2015 “End TB Strategy” endorsed by the World Health Assembly in May 2014.                                                                                                                                                                              

  Aamir Khan (Pakistan)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Dr Aamir Khan is the Founder of Interactive Research & Development (IRD) and has served as Executive Director since 2004. IRD is a social enterprise incubator committed to improving global health and development through the use of information technologies and market innovations. Current projects focus on MDR-TB treatment and lung health and diabetes care for the poor in Asia and TB-HIV screening and treatment in Africa. Supported by its operational hub in Dubai, IRD implementation teams work in over 15 countries. 

Dr Khan trained in medicine and public health at the Aga Khan University and completed his PhD in international health at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). As an Associate of JHU’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, he has worked on infectious disease research for the past 18 years.  He is also an inaugural Board Member of OpenMRS and a founding member of openSRP, open source software for medical records and frontline public health workers.

Sponsored Satellite Symposia

Title of Session Section Organised by
Thursday, 30 October 2014 - 17:00 - 18:30
01. Innovations and models of financing to improving diagnostic services under the East Africa Laboratory Project Tuberculosis East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community CANCELLED
02. Expansion of M/XDR-TB Programmatic Management in the Russian Federation Tuberculosis Regional public organization for the disabled people (RPODP) "Human Health”, Russia
03. Streamlining treatment for drug-resistant TB: market approaches for better TB care Tuberculosis UNITAID
04. A rights based approach, the key to zero TB and HIV infections Civil Society UNAIDS & Stop TB Partnership CANCELLED

05. Implementing innovation: MDR-TB advancements for adults and children Tuberculosis Otsuka 

06. The TREAT TB Operational Research Virtual Learning Programme Tuberculosis

The TREAT TB Operational Research Virtual Learning Programme 

Union Administrative Meetings





Donors’ Reception

Place:  refer to the official invitation    


Thursday, 30 October 2014 

RESIST-TB ANNUAL MEETING (Meeting open to all delegates)

Time: 08:00-09:00

Room: 122/123

This meeting is open to all interested in learning about clinical trials to improve the treatment of patients with MDR-TB and other work of RESIST-TB to advance the MDR-TB treatment agenda. This meeting will cover: 1) Clinical trials of MDR-TB; 2) Effect of GeneXpert on increasing MDR-TB diagnosis; 3) Availability of new drugs through Compassionate Use and Expanded Access. The event will conclude with an update on the STREAM trial and STREAM Stage II plans for bedaquiline containing regimens, presented by Drs. Andrew Nunn and Sarah Meredith. 

Coordinator: Carly Rodriguez (USA)

Chair: C. Robert Horsburgh Jr, Boston University School of Public Health (USA)


FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN (Meeting open to all delegates)

Time: 14:00-15:00

Room: 127

"Friends of Pakistan is an annual meeting of national and international partners, collaborating organizations and individuals working with National TB control program in Pakistan. The meeting provides opportunity to share progress, highlight challenges and identify opportunities in TB control in Pakistan, one of the top 10 TB high burden countries in the world. The meeting is open to all participants;

Coordinator: Ejaz Qadeer, National TB Control Programme (Pakistan)


Working Group Meetings





TB education and training  112
TB control in prisons 117
TB and Migration 111
TB infection control 113
Global indigenous Stop TB Initiative 114
Childhood TB 115
Best practices for patient-centred care 116
COPD in low- and middle-income countries 118/119
Getting research into tobacco control policy at regional and country level  120/121 
TB/HIV and tobacco  122/123
TB and mental health 127
Countering tobacco industry interference in public health policies  128


Regional mobilisation of NAPs 




Technical Exhibition


There will be a Scientific and Technical Exhibition during the conference showcasing a variety of companies, agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), health organisations and manufacturers of materials and equipment.